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5 pillars of a good and happy relationship

Healthy relationships are built upon very important key value that support its development and continuity.For two people to be in good relationship,it takes more than just feeling and attraction.Below are the pillars of a healthy relationship that you should know about.

1. Good communication

Communication is very important when two people are in a relationship.It helps them to keep in touch and share their emotions.When two people in a relationship are not communicating well then it means that there is something going on between them.They need to solve their issues so that they can continue their lives together happily.

2. Understanding

Both the man and the woman need to learn to understand their partner because without understanding then there is not happiness in the relationship.This helps them to know how their partners responds to certain things.When you know your partner well,then you can tell whatever is going on by just observing him or her.Understanding makes it easy for the two to determine the ways that they can make each other happy without crossing certain lines.

3. Respect

This is very essential more than just love and care.When two people in a relationship respect each other,they are likely to have a healthy relationship.This is because respect helps them to treat each other in a good manners.With respect,the chances of cheating on each other reduces drastically.

4. Trust

Trust does not come so easily when two people have just got into a relationship.It takes time and actions for you to develop trust in each other.Good actions and decisions made regularly by the two will result to trust in each other.Without this important key value then there is no longer reason for you to be in a relationship.This helps to strengthen their emotions and dependence on one another.

5. Love

The one thing that brings people together through feelings and care for each other is love.This is when two people feel that they cannot live without each other because they want to spend the rest of their lives together.Both partners should be ready to be in a relationship it to work out.Make sure that the one person that you are in a relationship is the one true lover that you are sure that you want to be together with.This makes it each when it comes to hard circumstances because you are always ready to fight together.

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