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Why your man will marry you

Men attend to women for two reasons sex or love. But in most cases men do not marry for sex or love, they marry for stability.

In real sense a man can marry a woman without loving her at the same time a man can have sex with a woman for several years without and later not marry her, but immediately he find someone who gives him a peace of mind in his life he marries her.

Some men state that: "I love this lady but can't spend my life with her" this is because men are visionar that is when they think about marriage, they don't think about wedding dresses, bridesmaids and think ladies think is fancy, rather they think if this lady can build me a home, if she can take good care of my children and if can give him a peace of mind.

Men don't like ladies who give them discomfort and stress, this why a man can be in a relationship with a lady for years but meet another lady in a few weeks and get married to her this is due to the comfort of having peace of mind.

Our beloved ladies have to understand that sex is just for pleasure while love is for affection but respect is for stability.

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