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5 Main Things That Men Do in Bed that Women Really Hate

Men opt to be more romantic for their women to enjoy more. Most men fail to keep their women on the track hence making them dislike the game.

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There are some awful things that guys do in bed that just don't work for women. Here are 5 main things:

Boasting - most men boast of their prowess when the results are quite the opposite. These creates disappointment to their partners which can lead to serious relationship problems. Men are adviced to stay quite for their spouses to complement them.

Lack of foreplay - women need the right foreplay and romance for them to get aroused. S*x without foreplay is like eating Ugali hands unwashed. Women dislike the habit and may even lead to an end of a relationship.

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Smelly men - women hate men who do not shower and so smell in the entire play. Be hygienic and also don't forget to 'weed your tree'.

Services unreturned - a woman could want to please you by servicing you and you are busy laying back with your hands behind your head. Remember bedroom stories are two way traffic.

Being too aggressive - basic manners in the bedroom are much way important. Don't just be concened with your own pleasure, but even your spouse's too.

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