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Lady Mistakenly Lands Hefty Slap on Face of Boyfriend in Public

One man went down on his knee and asked for his girl’s hand in marriage. She answered in the affirmative and while the crowd waited for the guy to put a ring on her finger to symbolize the ritual, the overly excited lady slapped him. This showed there was no existence of love that why the she slapped the man.

While the lady was in confusion state, the guy angrily stood up and walked out as onlookers kept watching the drama unfold. She could be seen begging her man and holding him back but he shoved her hand away. This how the lady was left by his boyfriend in the public.

As you have seen from the above photo, the slap was not a mistake actually but the lady’s extreme way of expressing her happiness but unfortunately for her, that backfired.

Do you think the lady did correct thing by slapping man? if she did leave your comment below the article.

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