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Issues that Arise Normally In A Relationship

Relationship wrangles appear to be a topic of its own when it come the growth and maturity in matters concerning love. This has led to breaks ups if not managed well and not solved accordingly. To begin with, is the peer pressure as result of how other people show off their love in social media. Mostly YouTube videos showing how couples carry out their things, how they treat each other and you want exactly to be treated the same. Someone is taken out every weekend, not even just around but rather outside the country every month only to enjoy themselves and explore the world, while you are just kept within.

Secondly, is the issues of cheating due to lack of trust and faith between the two love birds. Failure to provide to a woman courageously can drive her into cheating scandals while on the hand a man cheats when a woman do not submit and fail to perform her duties as a wife, mostly in terms of sexual rights and desires.

Third is the unnecessary blames that come along when a woman gets pregnant when a man is not ready for it. Most men like blaming women when such cases arise not forgetting that they all contributed towards it. Most women have been left frustrated even if they were truly in love with the guy.

In addition, the fact that most relationships are driven by friends who are already in a relationship, someone find himself or herself in it without a plan, which later result to regrets and blames which has no roots of the course. This will definitely end up in break up, frustrations and tears.

Fifth, is the inability to understand each other's situations and circumstances bring so many Issues. When one of the couples, make a mistake the other one should atleast understand it in one way or another but not a matter of disproving and disbelieving in someone's explanations. Trust is the key word to stick on for a relationship to be successful.

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