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Things To Do When Kissing For The First Time

Sharing a kiss for the first can be very awkward and weird, especially when the timing is not appropriate.

If the first kiss is not properly planned, it might be a huge turn off to that girl that you have been wanting to kiss.

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To make this situation less weird and awkward, here are some tips that you can use;

1. Make her feel comfortable.

It is very important to make that girl feel comfortable with you. This will lessen the tension and make the kiss less awkward.

2. Talk about it.

Talking about both of your experiences with her is another important thing. This will give you a clear picture of her expectations and also her experiences. This will help you both to understand how to go about it.

3. Do not surprise her.

Taking someone by surprise might be one of the worst mistakes. This is because not everyone likes to be surprised especially by a kiss for the first time.

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