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Why You Still Think Or Dream About Your Ex Even After Breaking Up. (3 Reasons)

For those of us who have been in a relationship, I guess you have at one point broke up with your partner because of some reasons. However, sometimes you find yourself dreaming or thinking a lot about them even when you are no longer seeing each other. What is the cause of this? In this article I will share with you three possible reasons as to why this is happening.

1. The ex you are thinking of gave you the best love you have not been able to receive from anyone else. It is very difficult to forget the sweetest moments of your life. If you could have found someone who treated you like they did or better, those thoughts and dreams could not be happening.

2. You dreaming and thinking about your ex is because you still have feelings for them. The memories of everything you did together and shared while together is still fresh in your mind and you have not yet accepted that he/she is gone. You still love your ex and have some hopes that you two might get back together.

3. Another possible reason as to why you don't seem to forget your ex is because they hurt you badly. Forgetting awful moments is the same as forgetting sweet moments. It takes time to forget the bad things someone did to you and it can affect your bonding with other potential partners.

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