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Traits Which Threaten Relationships

In society there are various types of relationships between individuals,communities,and the nations of the world. Relationships are of different categories such as business to business and diplomatic between countries of the world.

In human relationships there also exist relationships between parents and their children,brothers and sisters as well as grandparents and grandchildren relationships.

The basic and core relationship which in human beings is that of intimacy where independent individuals are attracted to each other and eventually become partners.

In the development of a romantic relationship, individuals date,court as process of knowing one another and promoting common interests which will bind them together in their journey of family life.

As human beings there are challenges and characteristics which pose risks to relationships if not checked and addressed in good time,may kill a thriving relationship. Some of the common relationship killers include the under listed.

Criticism: This is an aspect which plays a great role in creating friction between partners. This can be detrimental to the relationship if one partner will only be highlighting flaws in the other.On the other hand positive criticism should be encouraged to foster strong ties and strengthen the partnership.

Violence: In our communities violence inflicted on partners has always been referred to be gender based meaning that it's the men who visit violence upon their spouses or girl friends. But nowadays its becoming common to witness violence mated on either partner. Violence can be physical or emotional but eventually it brings negative consequences in a relationship.

Breach of trust: Trustis the glue that binds partners in a relationship. A discovery of a breach of trust through infidelity or cheating will injure and hurt the offended party for a long time sometimes leading to breakups with grave consequences especially to innocent children.

Exploitation: In the modern society,both partners could be generating income through employment or business. If either party does not contribute to the the expenses incurred in their partnership, there could be a great possibility of one side feeling exploited and this may lead to friction in the relationship.

Accountability: Irresponsibility is a relationship killer. None of the partners in a relationship should disregard accountability. The practice of shifting blame to cover any bad behaviour should be avoided in order to nurture a vibrant relationship.

Exposure of partner family weakness: Each family in society has its own unique weaknesses and flaws. In a relationship, each partner should not disregard boundaries to the extent of exposing weaknesses and flaws of the family of your spouse. This is a gesture which will be detrimental to the well being of a partnership.

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