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Things it’s Better not to Share on Social Media

Details about your relationship

There are some private details that are better of kept as a secret between lovers. Most of these details will just bring shame and disrespect from the community. Things like bedroom details, pet details and other private things which add special value to your relationship.

Kissing selfies

Most people believe that it is not good to show your intimate moments in public. It not only looks tacky but can also offend your friends especially those who are single and of course none of your relative would support such thing. According to experts, couples who share such pictures are often insecure in their relationship and have some doubts about each other

Selfies on sacred occasion

As much as selfies are cool, there are some occasion it is advisable not to take them, this is considered as a respectful behavior. You should never take selfies in occasions like funerals, at cemeteries and other such places especially with a smiley face

Illegal action

Never share your pictures or videos doing illegal action because this might hunt you later. Some illegal actions include driving while drunk or even having illegal firearms. You might be fined or even jailed; some people even go ahead and post a large amount of money which might be stolen

Incendiary comments

We all make comments on different posts online but you should be very careful of what you are typing because some comments might get you into trouble, especially politics, religion and gender differences. This also depends on which part of the world you are, because various people have different practices and beliefs.

Your location

We have different kinds of people on social media who have different reasons to being there, sharing your location might seem like not a big deal but the risks are not worth it. If you want to be safe online, one of the things is to disable your location tracker forever

Documents and personal identification cards

People get excited sometimes when they get their first driver’s license, buying a land, getting an ID or even a passport. They decide to share their achievements online so as people might see, this is very dangerous, the more personal information you share, the more you put yourself at risk. If a person can see you full details, this is enough to steal your identity or even break into your house

Financial information

Money is a very delicate topic to everyone, so if you just got a promotion, bought a car, won lottery, or you just got your end month salary, do not rush to share such moments online. Not everyone online will be happy about this and it might put you in danger

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