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Do This To Make Your Crush Want You

1. Work on your personality.

Most men will tell you that an irresistible woman is agreeable and conscientious and she invests in quality. If you want to have a boyfriend or husband in future, try to be easy to get along with and be organized. If you are an impatient girl, calling and texting him twenty times in a day will not make him ask you out.

2. Be the mysterious woman.

Men prefer some mystery. You do not need to be obvious all the time. Make him curious and he will want to learn more about you and get close. It is better off not to share all your details with him or exhibit some behavior which is most common among girls.

3. Confidence is irresistible

No one can dispute this. A confident woman can put on any dress and look like a beauty pageant because she knows how to embrace her body figure. Confidence is not about being perfect, it is not about wearing the most expensive dress or flawless makeup. Confidence is about letting the world know you are proud of yourself and understands your worthiness.

4. Steer clear of any drama.

Most men hate dramatic women. Sometimes a man likes to listen to gossips but he does not appreciate it when it comes from someone he might want to date. Please do not turn off your crush with unnecessary drama.

5. Make him laugh.

Everyone finds humor attractive, though in different ways. Studies show that guys love it when girls laugh at their jokes while girls like funny men. If you initiate jokes, your crush is more likely to give you more.

6. An improving woman is irresistible.

There is nothing a man finds sexier than a woman who is constantly upgrading herself. First, improve your life for your own good and in the process, you never know your crush will be begging you to be his girlfriend.

7. Avoid putting on an act.

An authentic woman is sexually irresistible. The key is being yourself in dressing, talking, walking and so on. If you are buying a new pair of pants, choose one that makes you happy as opposed to what you think your crush likes.

8. He will find you irresistible if notices signs you like him

Ensure that he finds out that you are interested in him. Research shows that most people fall in love after knowing the other party loves them. But you must not be too easy to get.

9. Share your interests.

Talk to him about what you like, your dreams, hobbies and future aspirations. A woman with ambitions is irresistible. Be enthusiastic when you talk to him about these things.

10. Use irresistible body language signs.

This is one of the most effective ways to get your crush in your seduction trap. It starts with a sexy smile whenever you see him to send a signal that you are approachable. If you it is the first time you are talking to a guy, introduce yourself and do not face him directly but rather pivot to his side.

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