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Forget about Appearance, Here Are 7 Types of Women Men Love Marrying.

Many men are fond of loving well body shaped women, that is, 'figure 8 type'. But in reality, women with these characteristics are the ones that men like settling with.

1. Finding Solution To Every Problem Types.

Marriage is normally filled with ups and downs. In times of argument or disagreement, this type of women never get moody or bored with you. Instead, they calm and try to sort your issues out by finding best solution to the problem.

2. The Joking Types.

Sometimes they're referred to as the friendly types. Men prefer women who laugh at their jokes and can not get offended due to little things. This is why mostly, men marry them.

3. The Supportive Types.

Normally, when a woman loves you, she will do anything for you and help you when at need. In times when you don't have money or anything, she comes to your rescue.

4. The Caring Types.

Not all women are caring. Majority might fall for you because of your properties. Some even do not have feelings for you. But when a woman is termed as caring, she creates time and helps you cope up on your bad days.

5. The Generous Types.

Men love generous women. This type of women will keep you posted in everything they do. They never keep dark secrets from you. For example, when you ask them to come and visit you, they never make unnecessary excuses.

6. The Hardworking Types.

Some women are so lazy in that, they sleep till 1300 hours. After waking up, they sit and start watching movies without tidying up the room. No man ever want the lazy types. That is why in most marriages, women are so hardworking as it please men.

7. The Faithful Types.

Finally, this is key to many men. It is every man's wish to take home a faithful woman. The one that do not easily get carried away with other men's sensations. These types of women are the best always.

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