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"My Husband Impregnated My Disabled Daughter Then Walked Away From Us" Woman Cries For Advice

Sad as it may sound, this unusual episode of life actually took place. Although people deny that fact that woman are the most endangered species among human race, the pain men cause women is still immeasurable. Sometimes you could wonder and ask yourself why a man would impregnate a minor.

While cases of fathers impregnating their step daughters keep on rising, these unusual ones of father impregnating a physically challenged daughter has left people with a great heartbreake. A storu is told of a 13 year old Pauline Ngatha who is currently nursing her 3 month baby after being Impregnated by the father despite being on her wheelchairs.

According to Pauline, the father forced himself on her and made her pregnant one day when she was left alone by her caretaker. Since Pauline doesn't talk not walk due to physical disabilities, she couldn't tell anyone about her state. It is also reported that she did not know she had conceived until she got into nine months of pregnancy.

Pauline's mother indicates that non of her family members knew that Pauline was expectant until she was taken to the hospital while sick only for the doctors to reveal that she was on her labour pains.

Life has been hard on Pauline's mother as she has been taking care of both Pauline and the baby. She however feels like forgiving the husband but she is not very sure on how she can go about it. That is why she shared her story to seek advice and guidance.

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Pauline Ngatha


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