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Here Are Qualities Of A Woman To Marry.

It is every man's dream that he get married one day. In modern world men are racing against time, sports, politics, jobs and drugs abuses forgetting the main purpose of marriage. As a result of these, most men have ended up marrying the wrong person bringing disaster to their homes instead of blessing. The holy bible states clearly that he who finds a good wife has found the good thing. Today, I bring you four proven qualities of a wife material.

1. She understands you.

A woman who understands you is someone who is priceless. She understands your needs, your pocket and priorities. She won't give you sleepless nights trying to make you take her to cloud nine when she knows very well you don't have the capability to do so. Such kind of women are very rare to find and if you happen to have one, don't misuse her please.

2. She gives you peace.

No man on this earth want to be with a woman who is a drummerqueen. Men prefer peaceful women over their counterparts. Since most men don't find this peace at home, they spend their lives in bar with an illusion that it gives them peace. A peaceful home is a magnet to all men.

3. She is responsible.

A responsible woman is precious to be with. She always take responsibility of any action she did and she never try to cover up her mistakes. Nothing can go wrong under her watch and blame it on someone else. Any time she does something wrong, she own up and candidly apologise.

4. She loves you passionately and unconditionall.

A good woman doesn't love you because of the size of your pocket, the number of cars you drive or the type of job you do. She have no reason to love you, she just love you for who you are (unconditionally)

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