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5 Types Of Women You Should Never Date Unless You Want To Be Poor Forever

Dating actually means you are going on dates. You are actively getting out there and meeting people spending time with them. However, dating someone means you are seeing somebody specific, with a particular purpose on a regular basis. You are spending time with a person (or persons) in hopes of finding a committed relationship.

Dating generally refers to a stage of a romantic relationship in humans whereby two people with the same aim meet socially with an aim of assessing each other's suitability as a protective partner in an intimate relationship or can also be defined as a form of courtship involving two couples.

Choose your woman wisely in order to avoid future regrets, just imagine spending the rest of your life with a woman you never wished to marry. Stop grading these women before having an idea of who they really are. Unless you know the kind of a woman you are going to marry, never rush into marriage. Know her well by spending much time dating, marriage is a commitment not a decision. Here is types of women you should never date unless you want live miserable life:

1.The psycho

They are usually seen as the most beautiful women on the planet as they are supermodel gorgeous. You feel like you are dreaming when you are dating them. You are blinded by their outer beauty to an extent of stalking your profiles in social media. What annoys is that most of them see themselves as a special kind of a lady, they are known for their unpredictable moods and anger outbursts. They will love you one minute the next minute she is biting your head off. If you break up with her she cause you alot of problems to extend of changing your number or move from one house to another.

2.The needy one

The needy kind of women are the ones that have bottomless needs. You will need to assure your love for her each and every time. This kind of a lady will push you to marriage before you even get to her well.They are the kind of ladies you won't wish to delay responding to her text messages or miss her calls unless you want big trouble. Your phone is likely to blow when you are not around her because she always want you by her side.

3.The control freak

They are type of ladies that will make you question your existence in a relationship because they are always bossy. They won't even ask for your view, they make all the decisions in a relationship. Be in a relationship that you are valued, where you can speak your mind. This kind of a lady will isolate you from your friends and control you most of the time. If you value your self respect then leave this kind of a lady.

4.The damsel in distress

This is a type of a lady that will make you her milking cow, she always want a favour from you. She always have endless problems. Once she realizes that you have money, she will need favours. You don't have to be a superhero to someone, run for your life because once this benefits end she will leave you.

5.The “you complete me” woman

This is a selfish kind of a woman, she won't consider how you feel or what you want. She will always want you to abide by what she want. She will make you change your hobbies, religion and also unfriending some of your best friends. Friends who were always there for you. It's very important for you and your partner to have friends, spend some times with your respective friends not always being beside each other. These kind of ladies always use this phrase `you complete me'.

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