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5 ways to know a man is planning to marry you

Many women in the dating phase are always bothered by one question, that they wished to get an answer, but can not ask.

If you have been dating for some time, you expect the man to pop the big question one day.

However, some men may not tell you that they want to marry you early enough, but there are signs you can read from him.

Here are some of the hints you can get from a man who plans to marry you.

 He is Making Future Plans with you.

When a man brings up future plans, it is an indication that he would like to know your opinion on them, and your opinion does carry weight with him. This is one sign he wants to settle with you.

You are Invited to Every Occasion involving friends and family

You have become his plus one to all special events and family holidays. This means that he sees you playing a huge part in the big picture of his life. He wants to introduce you to his family and make you feel like you are a part of it.

An increase in touch

You can easily detect this when you start dating.  Your man will be way more touchy-feely, touching your arm while you’re cooking or taking the time to massage your neck while you’re working.

 He misses you a lot when you are away.

When he makes a promise about plans, he will follow through, and this is a great sign. On the flip-side, if he is always calling to break plans, this means you are not at the forefront of his mind. Someone who does this is not feeling committed at all.

 He will ask if you can live together.

When a man suggests that you stay at his place longer, this shows he is ready to marry you.

When a man wants to share his space voluntarily and not only as a way to save money, he’s thinking toward the future. This can also happen if he suggests opening a bank account





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