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How To Make A Man Value You (3 Tips)

1. Value yourself first. Most ladies do degrade themselves a lot because they think that a man is more important than they are. The truth though is that most men always want ladies who see worth in themselves. So if you want to be valued, ensure you value yourself first. Prove that you have the potential and capability for anything.

2. Bury your fears and start saying "no." Don't always support what your man says even when you know it is incorrect. A man will not hate you because you said no. He will value you because he will have someone to keep him on track when something he is wrong. We are not always perfect and we need someone to rectify us. That someone to your man should be you.

3. Be honest with him always. If you are facing any challenges tell him and he will help you through. When you think he is doing something that is not good be honest with him and tell him that he is wrong somewhere. When you are honest with him he will appreciate you and you will be valued.

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