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Things You Should Not Do Because Of Love For A Woman

Love is powerful and it can make people act childish. Pleasing the woman you love is not bad but when you go overboard with it, it makes you look like a fool. A clever man knows what is right to do and what not to do. As you strive to please your woman, be careful not to be tempted into doing the wrong things. Below are things you should never do because of love for a woman.

1. Steal something for her. Nothing should ever tempt you to steal because of a woman. It might make her dump you if she ever knows that you stole a gift for her if you had not planned it together.

2. Never pay for her education. Humans are ever changing and you are not sure that she will be with you forever. The negative thoughts that a woman will be indebted to you if you pay her fees are very wrong. This is a suicidal decision for a man.

3. Never buy a woman a house when you yourself has none. Building your dreams together is a good thing but doing things in her favor is a sign of cowardice. You will be surprised when you find her living with another man in the same house you bought her.

4. Never fight another man because of a woman. It is not worth it fighting because of a woman and maybe she doesn't like you at all. In the fight you will either be injured and taken to hospital or beat the other person and land in jail. It is your choice.

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