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Dramatic Scene as Woman Busts Her Mother in Act With EX-Boyfriend in Matrimonial Bed

A middle age woman has narrated how her cheating boyfriend slept with her mother while she was giving birth to their son.

The reports indicate, the man impregnated his wife’s mother when she had gone to visit her daughter.

The mother of one, identified as Charity Kemboi(not the real name) disclosed that she was left devastated upon learning of the love affair between her boyfriend and her mother.

The women’s daughter, is said to have noted her husband’s change of behavior before confronting him.

After some back and forth, the husband was arrested and presented before a court whose judges were village elders.

After proper interrogations, the man disclosed that he was having a hidden affair with his mother-in-law, who also confessed.

Madam Kemboi further states how the neighbors lifted the veil over the affair between her mum and boyfriend, that they had succeeded in keeping under the wraps for more than two years.

“I didn’t notice anything weird about at this point. We went back home and lived a normal life for a while. I didn’t find out until two years later. My neighbors showed me camera footage of my mum constantly entering and leaving my property when I wasn’t home, which made me suspicious,” she said.

In his defense, the man claimed that his wife was always busy and did not fulfill her wife duties, forcing him to bed her mother in a quest to satisfy himself.

He further argued that he did not regret what he did because he was grown enough to admit and own his mistakes.

The elders later charged the man, where they asked him to present several animals in accordance with their traditions and cultures.

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Charity Kemboi( Madam Kemboi


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