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Never take relationship advice from these people

1. Newly heartbroken ones.

The worst person to seek relationship advice is the one who has recently had a breakup. These are the kind of people that hold pure hatred for anyone who is in a relationship to get justified on their part. So, if you ask your newly heartbroken friend what to do after you have had a fight, they will ask you to poison your partner and will have absolutely no regrets. So, never ever ask them for a relationship advice.

2. The relationship jumper.

If you have a friend who cannot stay committed to one person for more than a couple of months, do not even think about taking relationship advice from them. If they are not sure of who they want to be with, how are they going to advise you on what is best for you?

3. The one whose idea of love is different from yours.

If love for you means marriage and for the other person all it means is getting in bed, what good is going to come out of their advice? It is better to take a little while longer and figure things out all by yourself than to take advice from those who do not have the same idea of love as you.

4. The ones that do not like your partner.

These people will never give you the type of advice that you need. Instead they will focus on their hatred against your partner to push you further apart.

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