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How to be a priority in his life. Simple steps that will work

When you are a man's second choice rather than his priority he makes you think that you matter , but that's not the case especially if you are getting his attention whenever its convenient for him or doesn't have something to do.

A man who treats you as an option will always not return your texts and calls and act like there is no big deal out of it. Will always make plans that are of his best interests and doesn't put any efforts to ensure that you are okay. If he tells you that he is not ready to be in a relationship and is always finding excuses on why he can't spend time with you. If you are in this position it can be frustrating but this tips will help you turn things around.

stop initiating the conversation with them. If you stop being the one looking for him and initiating conversations he will eventually notice the changes and try to step up to the gap and start filling the gap you left.

Try to limit your availability since your value will be diminished if you are always available. People will always want what they can't have , if he has last minute requests you should not agree to it and instead plan on a convenient time for you as this will force him to plan and prioritize his time with you.

Men will value relationship that they have put so much effort into . You should let your spouse invest in you that way their feelings of love for you will grow stronger. Asking your man to help you out in performing simple tasks for you will make him feel like he has invested his time into the relationship hence value it more

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