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Love is not all About What you Give, it is Incomprehensive

I have had a series of unsuccessful relationships. For the past year, my relationship status has been "single," I don't even know whether this will make it to the altar. Maybe am not the only one trapped in the web. That is why I have decided to write this article. I need help from my esteemed readers. Women, kindly tell me what you people want or expect from a guy. I think it is not wrong to ask. Am just perplexed by the behaviours of women. This is not about being unlucky, it is something that I cannot understand. Let me share with you my predicament, hoping that you will help me.

My first love began with the psyche. The woman I loved trusted in me. She shared with me all her joy and sorrows. She could tell me every guy who approached her. Am sure she never hid anything from me. This first girl wanted attention and time. I gave her all my attention but she still left.

I became nervous. I was about to say goodbye to relationships but I was lucky to find another lover. This was after around seven months and I believe I had healed from the previous relationship. The girl wanted a sexless relationship and I was willing to give it. Four months later, the lady began coercing me to sleep with her. I thought she was tempting me and I decided to keep our promise, that is, to maintain the sexless relationship. Two months later she began hurling insults. She said I was impotent. I asked her if an impotent man can erect because whenever we had physical intricacies, there was an erection.

After a year, the lady left. The third lady I met never gave many expectations. She told me that relationships are about trial and error. If you are meant to stay together, you will. Above all, God has His plans for us. I thought I had met my best. Three months later, she began making too many demands. She wanted everything she said she wasn't after. Money, time, sex, name them. I provided everything she demanded but she still left. Raising the question, what do women want?

I know it might be difficult to tell what somebody wants but in my case, I have tried all options but still failed. Am currently living with a woman I love and I hope that we may one day make it to the altar. We have two kids, yet we are not legally married. All I am anticipating is a happy marriage.

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