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When You See These Signs In Your Partner Know That He Is Not In Love -You Are Just Inconvenient

1.He or she is always busy.

A person who can't dedicate or sacrifice their time for you is just making you a convinience.They also tend to postpone and cancel plans.

2.When they cannot introduce you to family and friends.

This means that you are not important to them,you mean nothing to them.

3.Not being open to you.

If someone who claims to love you is not open to you,he or she is just lying to you.

4.You are the one who is always doing everything.

This includes planning dates,being first to text and other things which should involve the two of you.

5.He or she only texts and doesn't call.

If they only speak through messages and chats and they have not spared their time and credit to call you,that is not love.

6.They never plan or talk of the future with you.

This is very important,a person who loves you will always tell you his future plans with you.

7.When they are still talking to their past or ex lovers.

This means he or she is not serious with you and they are still holding on to the past and they have not moved on.

8.They avoid being with you in public.

This means that you are not being appreciated.

9.You feel uncomfortable when you are with them.

10.They don't take time to know you.

It means they are even interested in you,you are just convinient.

11.You are never a priority for them.

You are just an option to them.

12.When all his friends are dating.

He is just trying to love you to please his friends but he is not serious.

13.When you have ever broken once and still gave it a second chance.

14.They doesn't make an effort or go an extra mile for you.

15.They have never said how they love you.

16.The relationship is not moving forward.

17.If he or she doesn't care if you leave.

18.You make your own decisions.

This is when you never make important decisions together.

19.When cheating doesn't seem bad to them.

20.When its all about him.

He or she only cares about his needs being met.You only see them when it is convenient for them

21.He or she is only interested in sex with you.

22.When you start feeling like your relationship with them is not going anywhere.

You constantly question their feelings for you.

23.When they spend more time with friends than you.

24.They are not their when you need them.

25.They blame for every wrong deed.

Content created and supplied by: MissT_Agany. (via Opera News )


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