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"Decent Ways To End A Stressful marriage," Benjamin Zulu Advices Couples

Benjamin Zulu advices that the majority are those who jumped into relationships. Before they established themselves. Those who didn't calculate the relationship incase end. How to rebounce back when left alone. Lay to rest a stressful relationship depending the prevailing circumstances.

End the relationship decently which is on and off ten times by clean cut method. Prolonged goodbye both of you have been aware of it but nobody was ready to unplug. No right kind of connection or not the right person can make you waste all your life. You know you are not good for each other but you are drugging on and off. Just entangled relationship hooked in the intimacy and missed the wife material. Take off from unstable relationship and migrate to the other place. Change even the church where you go to avoid the person. Time is flying ten years is gone but you witched by love feelings.

Use slow fade when you realize you have stayed for so long. And you have realized that you are also affected. Parents are evolved pushing you to marry the person to relieve them the burden. Drop this person gently but don't stop communication the situation can't allow it. Change the subject, don't use romance but use Courtesy. Person can feel change of quality. Tone down the emotional temperature. Add another element become very busy at work. Try to reduce the exchange supply by saying here the network is not good. To make the person's emtions die slowly. If the wedding was fixed ask for postponement don't cancel. Eventually affer one month tell the person i think we have grown a part with an acceptable explanation.

If partner is hurting you and you can't tell them directly that you are walking out on them. There are people who can't take rejection will overreact and become aggressive. Marriage is demanding and are unqualified for marriage. Marriage requires mental capacity to be able to stand rejection.

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