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The Best Behaviour And Qualities That A Lady Who Is Ready To Get Maried Should Have And Display.

Men who are ready and are willing to get married have a set of preferences in the ladies they would like to marry. Most of these preferences are common to all men and therefore it is important for ladies to know.

Infact, some ladies have complained of not getting the right men, or men are never attracted to them, this means that there is something causing that and they need to go back to the drawing board and do a case study to find out why.

To help you find out how you can choose the right lady and how a lady can be assisted to become a right wife material, here are guidelines;

1. Dress Responsibly.

A Man is out to get a lady who dresses moderately and pleasantly. Your dignity should not be degenerated by exposing what everyone is not supposed to see.

2. Mind Your Language.

How you speak and what you say talks volumes about you. A man will measure you by what you express verbally. In all that you speak, a lesson is learned. Be calm and avoid unnecessary speaking.

3. Your Social Activities.

What you like doing in your social life describes the kind of woman you are, men are not ready to marry women who sleep in bars drinking carelessly and sleeping in every mans house they find. The posts you do on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram describe you behaviour too.

4. Who Are Your Friends.

When your friends are immoral, then you are likely to be immoral, when a man finds out that the company you keep compromises his values then you are likely to be left out.

5. How You Treat Others.

This is broad, however the way you treat others people will give a clue of how you will treat your future partner, friends and his relatives. Be human enough to attend to all matters of your friends and any other person with respect and love.

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Mind Your Language


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