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Five Love quotes for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

1."Sometimes, things just click with someone unknown. I still cannot believe that we are about to get married. I never thought that I would get so connected to you that one day I will marry you. This is my honest confession to you that my love is true. I never really felt this kind of love with anyone before. Let me tell you that please be mine forever because I cannot imagine my life without you. I truly love you."

2."I can never really thank you enough for coming in my life. You have changed the way I feel. There is a sense of stability and longing that is true in my life because of. Dear, I feel so complete when I am with you. You understand me like no one else would do. I never felt happy as I feel being with you. With you, I am in a very happy space in life and I would want this to stay forever and ever. I just want to tell you that my love will increase with time."

3."I am not an emotional person so I will not really write to you about depths of my love. But, yes I just want to let you know that you hold a special place in my life. You have always been there like an anchor; you support me when I am low and accepted me the way I am. You are the best friend in this whole world. Thanks for always being there, I know you always care."

4."Falling in love with you was a gradual thing. The day I met you I didn't know that you will become the most important part. Honestly, I slowly started developing feelings for you. I realized that there is some kind of connection that binds you and me! I realized that something is so good about the bond that we share. Over the time, I developed that feeling for you. Today, I just want to write to you that I am in love with you. I assure you that this love will never change. I am in love with you and will remain in love till the end of life."

5."Oh how will I put in words my dear, that I am truly crazy in love? I am in love with you all the way and each day. All your sweet gestures for me and all the things that you do for me, I am truly blessed that I have you as my girlfriend. Looks like this love will increase with time because that is the magic of your presence in my life. Have I told you that you mean so much and you will remain my priority forever and ever in life."

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