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Do You Want A Lady To Be Addicted To You? Have These 3 Things

Loving a person has stages but very few people are aware of this. There comes a time when you love someone so much that you fear losing him/her. This is the point where we say you have been addicted. How do you make a lady addicted to you as a man? In this article we are going to look at three possible means.

1. You should be confident in whatever you do. This includes talking to her. Ladies easily fall for guys who are confident in themselves because they are bound to achieve more success. Being confident also makes you more romantic and ladies can't resist being addicted to you.

2. Loyalty. We all know that loyalty in the modem society is very scarce. Getting a loyal person you can trust for a relationship is a gift that one won't want to lost. Prove to her that you are loyal and ones she confirms it is real she will be addicted to you.

3. Respect a woman as much as possible. Never take her as your puppet and use her like you feel like. Men and women are equal and for this reason you should never disrespect her. Do this and she will be addicted to you forever.

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