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5 Reasons Women Avoid Serious Relationships

5 Reasons Why Women Avoid Serious Relationships. 

Many relationships often end in marriage, settling down, or cohabitation. This depends on what suits both parties.

Although men are more likely to say no to serious relationship commitments, experience has shown that women are also victims. Some reasons include; 

1. Unresolved issues

Women sometimes are comfortable with the level of their relationship. They are at a phase of building themselves. They are moving on from unhealed pains from the past and generally coming to terms with stuff in their lives.

This makes a woman say that she's not ready for a commitment. 

2. Uncertainties

She still has reservations, fears, worries, uncertainties about the guy. When a man proposes moving to the next phase of a relationship and the girl refuses. Sometimes it’s about the man, not the woman.

3. Hoping for someone better

 They are holding out for someone better – in loving, finances, etc - to come along.

4. Exes

Some women use a certain boyfriend as a standard for all others. No matter how long it takes, or how many relationships they enter, they remain tied to that former ex and keep hoping that he comes back.

5. She's playing

Best believe that there are ladies who refuse to commit because they’ve been in the relationship all along to only catch a cruise, have fun, maybe spend your money, and commit to absolutely nothing.

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