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The Reasons Men Prefer Slim Ladies

Slim women are usually found attractive.

With the thin legs and arms, tight bodies are absolutely no folds. You bet they are indeed attractive, they are able to slay body fit dresses effortlessly and rock heals like crazy with their straight posture.

They are perceived as sekzually agile.

You know they are lighter in weight, easily controllable in bed and all that staff. So the guys who are equally active in bed wouldn't want to be cheated.

Slim women are usually seen as healthy.

Since they are the ones with the flat belly's and smaller waistline, brisk walks like they are on the Victoria secret runway and so on , guys naturally wants to think they are healthier than the plus size ladies.

They seems healthier for having babies.

This is because they are perceived heathy, it is like the system is prepared for anything and they have lesser fat , it is believed that the womb is stronger and can easily carry the fetus with no complications.

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