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Call Him These Romantic Names And He Will Love You More-opinion

While in relationships, people use very cute terms when referring to their lovers, which actually attract a sense of romance, love and belonging. At times it sounds offensive when you call your spouse by his official name, apart from formal conversations. These kinds of names help to distinguish the couples from the other people around you. The common ones used are babe, darling, sweetheart , but there are others more fashioned which you can use. 

During my research on relationships, I visited various love websites and came up with the trending and sweetest names for boyfriends. Thus ladies, have a glance at the list below. 

1. Stud 

Means a man who is sexually active, committed and good in satisfying his partner. For him to posses the name, he shows the following signs ; muscular built, acts tough, smells fresh, always a champion, uses brandy names and maintains dominance in affairs.

2. Prince charming

Of course it sounds royal , since we know it's associated with kingdoms, leadership in higher levels of the society plus wealthy. It refers to fulfilling the dreams of your woman. Let's say she has a goal of being the best fashion designer, then the guy will help her start a textile industry, secure tenders, advertise the business for hire during events and even dress in her designs as way of displaying quality. This earns the value of being a charming prince to your girlfriend.

3. Handsome

Good looking, with impressive physical appearance, clever skills and excellent in everything. Men like it because it brings a feeling that they've attracted your attention, really feel good and more confident. 

These three are the major ones though there are others like honey bunny, boo, baby, captain, Teddy bear. Make him love every bit of your tongue by calling him these dignified identities.

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