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Does the Relationship of Rich Couples Last Longer? (Opinion)

In the world we are living in, everyone wants to become rich. People do whatever it takes inorder to become successful life. Therefore those who study hard till they make it, there those who drop from school and go study a side hustle Which later become successful through their ideas they employ in the business and there those whose talent take them far such as footballer like messi and they are paid millions of money.

Though all these issues happen, it is believed that the rich couples' Relationship don't last for longer period. Is it true and why not for the poor also?

Some have said that the rich couples' relationship don't last longer because none of them wants to be controlled by the other. This is because everyone is wealthy so who under whose feet?

Besides, the rich always focus on ways to make more money hence not engage in love relationship. This denys their partner a chance to have romance together.

You may also find that rich people have a lot of money. People love money which make some of the couple engage in bad behaviors. They don't care because they have money which they may hand in to those people they want to have pleasure with. So, when their couple discover their careless actions after their exposure, they always make a decision of leaving them.

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