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4 Ways Women Control Men Without Men Even Realizing It

According to African culture a man should be the head of the family and should take control of his wife and the whole family. However sometimes women find a way to take back control. Below are five ways women control men that may go undetected.

1. Making a man feel guilty

Whether a man did something wrong or not, a woman may make him feel guilty in an attempt to control him. If her story is convincing enough, as a man you may not realize that you are being controlled. Guilty may be an intensily uncomfortable feeling and it is natural that someone who feels guilty may do everything in their power to do the harm they have done. However in relationships this may be used to manipulate the other person.

2. Keeping a man from his friends

One way to control and manipulate someone is separating them from their friends and other people in their life. This occurs when your woman wants you by her side every time and hence you won't have time to interact with your friends and Share new ideas.

3. Using the silent treatment

When a woman goes silent in a relationship it makes a man completely confused and he has to find a way to make her her talk. Although some we can it's fair to do so when a man has done something terrible, sometimes women use silent treatment to get man's attention.

4. Threatening to break up

When setting up boundaries it's reasonable to decide to break up if the boundary is crossed. However threatening to break up is a common way women control men.

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