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Why You Should Let People You Don't Love Go

Sometimes you may meet a person who is a perfect embodiment of the partner you seek but you just don't feel them. They have most of the qualities you dreamt of but the chemistry is just not there. They treat you so well, they have such a sweet personality, they have good intentions and they're ready to settle but you cannot see yourself being married to them.

At first you may hang around to see if your feelings will grow, and some people even go ahead and marry and hope for the best. You may fear that if you let go of such a good person you will regret it later when you fail to meet someone nearly as good as them.

But the solution here is simple, there's nothing to regret for releasing a person you never loved. It's actually an honorable deed you'll remember and complement yourself for. It's selfish and insensitive to keep a person hoping and to lead them on when you do not feel the same about them.

Even if you need time to be sure, do not accept their treats or make them believe they can win you by doing more. Be honest to yourself and say exactly how you feel. Better to hurt them with truth than give them false comfort with lies and dishonesty. If they persist even after you've told them, block all their advances and allow them to regain their sobriety. If you don't, your elusiveness and mixed signals can turn into obsession for them which will be harder to deal with because its like being chased by an insane person. Better to put out the flame before it turns into a blaze

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