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Love Messages That Will Melt Your Partners Heart

Love is something beautiful on if you find a perfect partner that you have been looking for, don't give up when you are yet to find one but for those who have one Cherish the one you have because God bless you with a perfect partner only once. Here are some of the words that will make your partner understand how much you really love and adore him/her.

1: You are my inspiration, my motivator each time I see you or hear from you and despite of the bad mood I am I get focused and work extra harder, Never let me down baby girl.

2: Your smile is something I want to see daily, it lightens up my heart I am in love with your smile that's why I rather die making you happy than making you sad.

3: I am ready to go through any punishment that you may want to give me my Love, I can't leave you, Kick me, insult me but you know what, I won't leave you because you are my precious gift am not ready to loose you.

4: Loving you has made my life change, the first day I set my eyes on you, is the day I recognized myself is the time I knew my purpose in life, you are a blessing in my life, Thanks to God for giving me such a beautiful soul in my life.

5: I know I am not perfect baby girl, I make mistakes, I fail to fullfill the promises I make, I fail to be the man you want me to be but you know what I won't fail loving you. Dispite of all that my love for you will only grow stronger no one can replace you.

6: I may not have the money to take care of you but my heart is all I have for you, Let's make it in life together no amount of money will make me stop loving you.

7: Remember my life depends on you my love never do something that will make me loose focus, I can't do something straight without hearing from you, no a single day can pass without I looking for you despite how angry or mad you are at me.

8: I am in love with your soul not body, don't stress yourself by changing your look. I love the way you are, you are unique and I love it that way. No makeup just the way you are my love.

9: Having you is all I want each day, with you life feels perfect. I am possessed with you I know it my sound silly but that's true. Each lady I see Infront of me looks like you which makes harder for me to be friends with other gender.

10: I have no reason for loving you at all, even if I am given the whole time I can't write the down, no amount of time can be enough because each time an with you I find more reasons for loving you, I love you my love, darling, sweetheart. You are everything I ever wanted in this life.

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