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Husband and wife relationship

Lady Warns Women Not To Allow Their Husbands To Pay All The Bills ' Utalia Siku Moja'

Ladies are notorious for uttering the phrase 'my money is my money but his money is our money'. This is a phrase which outwardly points to it that the ladies are not willing and free to help chip in in settling the bills once they are married. It is a custom which starts way back during dating where ladies fold their hands and allow their men to settle all the bills when they go out.

When the couple finally settles down, the lady keeps to her money and depends fully on her husband's money. Despite the lady being employed and earning, whatever she does to her money nobody knows.

In other cases, some ladies relax after being married and they are content with what the husband earns. This category of women don't look for employment but they wait for the husband to settle all the family Bills.

An internet user named Agnes Sikuku has gone ahead to warn ladies against letting the husband settle all the bills in the family. According to the lady, allowing your man to settle all the bills will breed financial irresponsibility and illiteracy.

This is because as a lady, you will not know how to balance your finances and the family resources since the Husband is there for that. She went ahead to warn that if unfortunately the husband dies and leaves Million in the bank, managing those millions for both you and the kids will be a challenge.

To help solve this problem, the lady warns ladies to be responsible early enough and chip in to help sort some bills.

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Agnes Sikuku


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