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Opinion: 10 Amazing Reasons Why Teachers Makes the Best Wife Materials

There is no such thing as perfect wife or perfect husband but people always try to look for what is close to being perfect .Anyone can make a wife but not everyone can make a good wife, below is reasons why teachers makes best wife material.

1.Tearchers are patient

Have you ever try to teach your younger siblings , cousin or even neighbor's kid ? If you have am sure at some point you were really annoyed or angry .You must be patient in order to deal with the children especially the younger children .Unlike some of us, teachers are the most patient people ever ,they can listen carefully and explain a concept to the students tenth times without getting tired .In their marriage, they will listen to there partner and give them the attention they want.


Teachers are passionate people this people always give their best to whatever they do .In class they teach the students with passion by believing in them ,they challenge their students and push them to perfection .This shows that they can make the perfect partner because they are always trying to be the best and tying to find solution every time.

3 love

Teachers know how to love ,they handle the students at school with a lot of care even if they are not her children, This shows that they know how to love and appreciate their partners


We all agree that communication is key in any relationship or marriage and teachers know how to do this best ,this is shown by how they listen to their students in class even if the comments or question from the students does not make any sense .Teachers are the best partners because they are good listeners and they maintain eye contact through out the conversation.

5 Responsible

Teachers are so responsible ,they are organized and they always know what to do in any situation .They are never late ,they always make sure that their partner come first before anything else .People who marry teachers are always happy.

6 selfless

Teachers always put other people's needs before hers. They are willing to sacrifice there time ,resources and energy for he sake of others .When it comes to the relationship, they can go extra mile for the sake of it .They will always take care of you.

7 Positive minded

They always the positive side of every situation. Teachers are strong and even if anything is not okay ,they try to encourage you to see the bright side. People who marry them usually see positivity in everything.

8 Understanding

Teachers are the most understanding people ever .Imagine going to school and remembered that you had homework and you forgot to do them ,if you approach her and explain to her the reasons ,she surely understands and give you the last warning. They tend to put themselves in their partners shoes and understand them

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