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Five Signs To Know A Guy Is In love With You

Ladies treasure friendship.There are however times you wonder if a guy really likes you or he loves you.These are the signs that a guy doesn't just like you but inlove with you;

1.He genuinely respects you.

There can be no love without respect.A guy who is in love with you will deeply value and respect all aspects of you.He will always ensure that you feel loved and appreciated.He will always respect your life decisions.

2.He values your happiness.

A guy who values your happiness really loves you.He will make an effort to make you smile and cheer you up.He will be there for you when you are sad.Your happiness will be his happiness.He will never do anything that will tamper with your happiness.

3.He makes your a priority in his life and puts you first.

A guy who loves you will consider you a priority in his life.He will always find time to be with you.He will put you first when possible and even shift his schedule so that he can see you.

4.He puts you in his future.

When a guy really loves you,he will tell you about his future.He will include you in his future.He will talk about his desired future with you.He will even talk of you being his wife.A guy who does not love you will never include you in his future.

5.He looks you in a special way.

When a guy can't get his eyes off you,he is inlove with you.You will catch him staring at you and smiling.He will give you a look that he never gives anyone.

Finally,if a guy love you he will show is vulnerability.You will make him vulnerable to you.Follow me for more interesting stories.Do not forget to comment.Like this article for more incredible stories.

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