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How onanism addiction is dragging you down

Sexual desire is one of man's basic primal instincts and once in a while one feels the urge to satisfy this desire. It is a biological process that at times is independent from your control, and often things out of of a person's conscious control can be indirectly highly detrimental. Touching oneself is a way in which a lot of men use for the fulfillment of the lust. At the beginning it seems as an ecstatic adventure, but when addiction steps that's when it starts having negative effects.

First of all it may result in objectification of women, this is one of the worst things that can happen to you as a man because it obscures almost half of your social world. A woman is the greatest treasure in a man's world and being able to know and understand the person within is a knowledge that not only makes you better but also wiser. Women represent infinite great personalities varying from strong and brave to simple and humble, the most intriguing though is the art of seduction. The world is highly competitive place where purely use of muscles will barely lift you above the crowd. A great biblical example is the story of Samson, the strongest man in history. After armies of warriors were defeated over and over to destroy him, a woman by perfect combination of strategy, seduction and patience single handedly brought him down. Understanding of women's world results into mastery of subtelry and strategy, a perfect tool to outshine others which is only possible when objectification is completely out of the way.

Secondly it results into low self discipline. Easily giving in to your urges intuitively sways you away from self discipline which in turn brings a deleterious effect on your daily life. If such happens, you are dragged away from your potential and you become comfortable operating below it.Lastly the inability to fight the urge makes one mentally weak. This results into evasion of competitiveness, challenges and hardwork that in result drags you down towards mediocrity.

These three are just some of the negative effects associated with the slavery of the act. How can you make progress towards significantly reducing the frequency or even stopping the act? Engaging in manly activities such as sports, conversations physical games among others are great weapons, but the warrior in the war is the brain.

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