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5 Makers Of A Decent Man That You Shall Never See In A Narcissist

Narcissistic is a personality disorder where a person has an inflated sense of self importance. This type of disorder is mostly found in men. Though the cause is unknown, but it is believed that a genetic factor and a combination of environmental factors plays a major role.

In this article, we shall look into different makers of a decent man that you will never see in Narcissists.

1. Narcissists always take an opportunity to turn you down when feeling terrible about yourself. However, a good man, will never try turn YoUr own feelings aganist you. A good man will always want you to love yourself the way he does love you and will make or try his best to make you feel better and uplift YoUr self esteem.

2. A good man foes not intentionally make you feel sad. He is always aware that communication is always good for survival of relationships and so, he will often be open to you.

3. You can always count on a good man being faithful and open to you. He will never be infidel to you or abandon you in any case. What is needed i placing trust on him and doing YoUr best to make yourself trustworthy to him.

4. It is obvious that a narcissist always care about himself as a rat but a good man will never let you suffer. Through good and bad times, he will always have YoUr back.

5. If you have a high self esteem, it is so dangerous because a narcissist will always make you doubt yourself. Unlike a narcissist, a good man will never let YoUr self esteem be little. He will always be good to you and heal you whenever you are hurt.

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