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Warning signs he is a player and most likely to cheat

Men who are too nice to you when you are alone but tend to shy from showing you affection when in the open is likely to be a player. By doing this he might be concealing his relationship status that way many people doesn't look at you as a couple. He may also be afraid of running into one of the girls he is seeing.

Players will always value the physical beauty over a long term connection. If your man doesn't care about your personality then he might not be the right one for you. You can notice this by being keen on the complement he gives you. If he only cares about how you look and not what you do they are not planning to be with you for a long time.

If your man doesn't engage you through out the day by either texting or calling and only communicate with you when he wants something from you then he might be a player. Players will often cancel plans you have with each other. If he gets a better available girl they will automatically cancel anything you had planned to do and when this happens regularly it is clear he doesn't value you and you should let him go.

What are the other signs you know leave a comment below.

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