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Things That Define a 'Successful' Luo Man

Luos are great people who are famed for among others, their full involvement in the nation's success, especially in fields of sports and entertainment.

Among themselves, here are the things they look for in men to consider them successful;

1. Family stability

A Luo man who has succeeded in coordinating his family, wife and children and at times grandchildren in this context, is considered successful.

Men who have succeeded in avoiding separations from their wives and handled domestic disputes are also referred to as successful persons.

This also applies to instilling discipline in children and avoiding the scenarios where their children end up in wrangles with their spouses once married.

2. Culturally rich

Older men who can issue cultural advise and have a vast knowledge of their traditions are also cherished and considered successful.

They are consulted during cultural dilemmas and before any activities that involve cultural practices.

Since most people in the new generation lack this knowledge, they enjoy special recognition.

2. Fame and wealth

In Luoland, men who have worked their way into fame and administration are admired and ranked among successful people in the community.

People like chiefs (Ruoth), politicians, professionals and other popular persons also enjoy the successful tag and are always approached for financial aid and advice when need be.

Similarly, people who have accumulated wealth also enjoy massive recognition.

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