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Can’t Remember People’s Names? Here Are Tricks On How To Always Remember

Remembering other people's names can greatly improve your relationship with them and if it is a business set up can significantly boost your sales as customers love to be recognized and valued.

Repeat their names as they introduce themselves to you

This is one of the common ways and whenever someone introduces himself or herself to you, note well his or her name and repeat it as you confirm with him or her if you got it right.

Mention their names few times during your conversation with them

As you converse with the person you can keep in mind his or her name and even be mentioning it during the conversation. If you want to alert the other person of something, you can mention his or her name, and by doing that you will be able to keep track of the name and always remember it.

Picture their name and associate it with a unique situation

Every time you meet someone and he or she tells you his or her name; try to attach and connect that name with a unique scenario or situation or even with the place you met with the person. If you meet with someone for example at the airport or a restaurant, try connecting his or her name with that place, and the next time you meet him or her, you will automatically remember that this is so and so whom we met at the airport or restaurant in that matter.

Focus on remembering the person rather than their actual name

People will feel appreciated if you can remember their faces even if you had forgotten their names. This will let them know that you identify them accordingly. Remembering a person' s face is a great deal as that person will not feel ignored or even assumed.

I think these tricks will best help you remember other people's names and be able to hold conversations with them.

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