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Husband and wife relationship

Ladies Ways You're Hurting Your Husband Unknowingly

Ladies,think about the few instances where you might have said something to your husband and although he was startled for a few minutes,he did not say anything to you. Men are not too vocal about their feelings but they do get hurt by certain remarks,which you might have passed unknowingly.

Want to know what kind of things?Then read the following:

1•Nagging about his salary _Complaining about his salary every now and then,or constantly nagging him about how his salary is insufficient to fulfil your desires,is not good for your marriage. Your husband is doing his best to make the ends meet,so at least you can motivate him and be thankful to him.

2•Making fun of him in front of others _Making some bad jokes about him or putting him down in front of your friends and family members is not at all is in fact,humiliating and might harm your relationship in the long run.

3•Not appreciating his efforts or acknowledging his work _Everyone loves to be appreciatedfor their work,no matter how small or big it is. Even you love it when your husband praises you for your efforts and you feel bad when he does not ,isn't it?So ,praise him whenever you get an opportunity.

4•Not introducing him to your friends and colleagues _Not introducing him to your colleagues or friends while meeting the first time makes him feel unimportant. A feeling that no one likes.

6•Blaming him for issues in your life_Every marriage has problems,but blaming your husband for every problem of your life is not correct. Remember,he is also facing the blame game,try to solve the issue together.

7•Keeping secrets from your husband _Disloyalty is one thing that hurts ever8in a reading. Lies and secrets create a distance between you and your husband. It even ruins the trust factor in the reading. So,instead of hiding things friends your husband and being disloyal,try to talk to him about the matter. He will surely listen to you and help you in every way possible.

8•Neglecting or avoiding your husband's needs and wishes _There comes a time when you sideline your husband's needs and focus on other things like your career,friends,kids or any other thing. Sometimes it is understandable,but do not make it away of your is deeply upsetting. Imagine your husband doing the same thing with you.

9•Constantly reminding him of his mistakes _Every individual makes mistakes. No one is perfect. But,if you keep reminding your husband about all the mistakes he has committed in the past,he might feel disheartened. Better move on and leave the past mistakes behind.

So,the next time when you are about to say something to your spouse,do think about its consequences. This way ,you will surely have a blissful and happy married life.

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