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3 Signs You Are Wasting Your Time With Him

Love sometimes is strange. We may get to love someone who is not into us. As a lady you may get in love with someone who doesn't seem all interested in making your relationship work perfectly.

They may not tell you the true reason why or how they feel but would lead you to some bizarre reasons. And you'll realize you have been wasting time with him later when you find out he wasn't interested in the relationship.

As a great lady and woman you should not put yourself through that but preferably be involved in something worthwhile than in that which is insignificant.

Some ladies fail to realize they are being led by wrong men without them realizing it and today I have some ways or symptoms to detect that you are wasting time with him.

1.It’s Always You Putting In The Effort

Someone in love with you would naturally asks you questions about yourself, wanting to know you more, genuinely want to know how you are doing, and also take interest in some of the plans you lay down, what you are thinking on some matters.

Is that isn't the case,take a step back so that you can better take note of the situation. See what happens if you don’t put in quite the same amount of effort. And you have to do distance yourself to be able to see what's happening. When he lacks the ability to handle the situation then you are on the wrong relationship.

2.He doesn't open up about His personal life

When you are into a relationship with someone you always want to have every detail of someone. What seems personal should be shared. But if you feel that he is hiding some personal information from you, you should always read between the lines. Sometimes people take time to warm up to a new relationship but if they don't be emotionally open and doesn't seem to be evolving after sometime, He may not change.

3.He never answers your request in a straight forward manner

When he is in love with you, he will tell you when he thinks about your request when you make one.if it's something he can handle or can't handle becouse it's too much, he will inform you straight. Someone who isn't interested in you will start travelling in circles and telling you word like" I will think about it" when he tells you that then read and see that he is just wasting you time.

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