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Why men are afraid of approaching women

For men, approaching new women is never an easy decision but it gets even harder if a man likes a woman and wants to get to know her better. He would like to approach her but does not know how.

He is afraid of rejection and he is not sure about himself. He is afraid that he will make a fool out of himself if he says something inappropriate. And in most cases, he quits.

Maybe he will try again once he drinks a bit more and gets an ego boost from alcohol but he surely will not come close to a beautiful woman sober.

He starts doing things he has never done and he feels bad about it. Some men get very nervous and they start having some tics that look totally unnatural. And when they see how anxious and bad they look, they decide to postpone that moment. The worst thing for them would be if the woman they like so much rejects them because they do not look as natural as they really are.

Sometimes, guys think too much. They overthink things that have not happened yet and they are scared about what could happen if something goes wrong.

Their wish to approach a girl is considerable but the fear of being ashamed is even bigger. They simply do not know how the girl they are approaching will react when they show up in front of her. They do not know what she will think of them.

They think they do not deserve her. No matter how handsome a man is, he will have cold feet when he wants to approach a woman. He will think that he is not good enough for her and that she will reject him.

He does not have enough self esteem and he thinks that she will think the worst about him. That is why men miss many chances to get to know a woman they like so much. Maybe that women would be glad that a man is interested in her and she would not think anything bad. But since men do not know that, they blow their chance of a great relationship.

They are so anxious that they cannot act normal. There are men who are open and they do not have any problems with approaching a woman. But there are also men who get so anxious when they want to approach a girl that they start having a real panic attack.

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