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How To Take A Good Selfie Photo With Your Lady - Photos

Here are tips to follow when you are posing for couple photos.

1. The one who will break your single friends' hearts

Turn on the front camera and capture the ideal romantic moment. This stance is so lovely, and the timing of the photo is so precise, that you'll get a lot of 'likes' from Instagram users.

2. Lipstick stain

There's no need to expose your full face; only the lipstick stain on your cheeks and her flashing eyes will suffice.

3. The selfie from afar

Do you want to go for a walk in the woods? Allow her to walk freely while you retain half of yourself in the picture and take that casual selfie. The woods would make for an ideal setting.

4. Selfie in the dressing room

It isn't difficult. You might be trying on three different outfits in the store dressing room, while he is trying on a handful as well. Take a few selfies in the mirror to see which one looks best on you. It has the potential to be a lot of fun.

5. Selfies on the couch

With accessories like bright cushions, throws, the pet dog, or even the container of popcorn on the center table, the couch may be turned into a terrific selfie spot. Give an example of how a night in at home might look, but do so in a unique way.

6. Water splash stance

You could be swimming in the sea, swimming in a pool, or standing behind a waterfall. The splashing water couple pose is quite effective. Just make sure you're using a waterproof camera.

7. Selfie in the kitchen

The vibrant vegetables, the spiciness in the wok, and the joy of cooking, when combined with the best romantic postures, can result in the best selfies.

8. The gym pose

Couples images taken in the gym, while exercising or doing yoga, appear to be quite 'healthy.'

9. Exhibit less

Simply put, suggest. You'll need a little imagination for this, but you'll end up with some of the nicest romantic images.

Some of our suggestions include a pair of legs with bicycle wheels, a couple hugging with their heads hidden by a blossoming tree, and a kiss hidden by a hat.

10. Flaunt the couple's tattoo

With your couple tattoo, you can make a statement. Showcase the tattoos with cute props if you want to be a little more creative. A cup of coffee and a heart-shaped pastry are both excellent choices.

11. Use angles to your advantage

Yes, shooting selfies from unusual angles can help. See what happens if you position the camera above, below, or at any other fascinating angle.

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