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Husband and wife relationship

"Couples never lose your marriage to envious" - Benjamin Zulu Advices

Benjamin Zulu advices listeners that if you find you don't have harmony with your partner. When you have transitioned to marriage end your friend's relationship with finality. Adjust and let your marriage come first. No body is your responsibility you pick those ones you can do life with. And what influence they have towards your friendship.

Your friends have power according how much you give them. And how much you value your friendship vs your marriage. Don't allow your friends to ruin your relationship. The power they have against you is the same power they will use to destroy your marriage. Have minimum qualifications and standards with whom you interact and share deeper conversations with. People can think you being selective. And being discriminative will be envy to your marriage.

There are women looking for husbands but are not willing to be their wives. Don't try to marry wild wives just to have benefit of husband and wife with children. To have the protection, have the package not the cost neither transformation. If they can't adjust to become married they are not ready to marry.

Marriage brings benefits plus cost, you have to pay the cost to have benefits. Cost involves adjusting your friendship making sure you don't dismiss them. Choose your marriage first you can't lie or ignore your spouse when needed to be with your friends. Benjamin Zulu said when dating don't come with your friend you are allowing comparison.

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