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Tips on how to make a man respect you.

Respect is what every woman must try to earn when around any man. Having a man who doesn't respect you as a lady can be so annoying because no matter how you try, he will just see you as a nobody and may not want to regard you. Below are some suggested ways to make him respect you.

1 Find out where his disrespect is coming from. Try your best to know why he is acting like that to you. Maybe somebody said something about you and that has affected the way he sees you. Knowing the reason why a man is not giving respect will make you know how to solve your problem.

2 Respect him. When you respect a man, he will respect you too. If he says something you don't like ,stop him and tell him that you respect him but he should never say that kind of thing to you. Let him know that you are different from whom he used to know, and I tell you he will earn you respect and treat you right.

3 Smile less with him. Ladies mind the way you laugh around him if you want to regain your respect where he is. Even if you work in the same place, don't get too close to him. If you have before, give space and smile less with him.

4 Show him you are different. Prove him wrong in your ways without going to tell him that now you are a different person. Within few days, he will begin to see a different person and you you will earn your respect back.

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