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5 Gifts That You Should Carry During Your First Date

First dates can be extremely intimidating, especially if you don't have an established relationship with your date. The less you know about the person, the more difficult it may be to establish a connection and get the ball rolling towards a more meaningful potential relationship. You must make a good first impression, as you only have one chance to do so. While that may seem like a lot of pressure, use this to motivate you to put your best foot forward. Giving your date a first date gift can not only be a great ice breaker, but show your date that you're a thoughtful, giving, and caring person while also setting you apart from other suitors. Let's talk about some gift options that will be sweet and appreciated but won't come off too strong for a first date.

Small Gifts Work Best

It can be an extremely pleasing gesture to pick up a small gift for your date. The gift should be well-suited to the occasion you are buying it for. For a small informal date, you can consider getting some eatables or a small stuffed toy, for more formal occasions flowers or chocolates would be more appropriate. The physical size matters too; if you are not picking her from home, she has to carry the gift with her so it should be small enough for her to slip it inside her bag.

The purpose here is to convey your thought behind the gift and not give something too expensive or huge for a first date. Another awkward situation that arises is when to give the present. It totally depends on the situation and how quickly the ice is broken between the two. Hand out the gift once you think the situation is comfortable enough. If you are planning on going to a fair or mall together; it can be a good idea to buy a gift during the date. If it is too confusing for you, in any case, stick to the traditional box of chocolates. Taking a small gift can be a pleasant gesture and is sure to earn you brownie points on your first date.

A Ticket To A Game For Two

What kind of sport does he like? What is his favorite team? These are questions you should have answers to already before the first date, especially if you intend to buy him a gift. One way to make a man happy is to get him a ticket to a game he’d love to attend. 

When you buy two game tickets for the both of you, you’re saying you want to see him again and also share his sacred sports time with him. This gift idea is a bit tricky because if he doesn’t want to go on another date with you. You’ll either have to relinquish your ticket or attend an awkward outing with him. If he likes the gift, it means the relationship will proceed to the next level.

A Single Long-stemmed Rose

But make sure it is a formal date otherwise you will come on way too strong with it since it’s a universal symbol of love. One of the most simple and sober gifts for a first date is a rose. A rose shares a warm message to your partner.

Do It Yourself

Nothing touches a women’s heart the way a handmade card with your feelings written on it does. If you are not so crafty not to worry, after all, it's the thought that counts. A photo frame is also a good option if you guys have pictures together. Imagining a man with paper and scissors and with glue on his hands is definitely a s3xy dream. It shows that you are ready to invest time for her. It shows your commitment level.

A Picnic Basket

If you really like this person and you want to impress them, consider filling a picnic basket with a range of food and drinks, and then bring them to the park to enjoy together. This is a perfect present to ensure your initial date is memorable. 

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