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Divorce Affair

When to Opt for a DNA Test.

Cases of child negligence have been on the rise in the recent years. Relationships have continued to fall and when that happens a child or several are left in the mercy of one parent.

What is causing all this? Who is to blame for the problem that seems to be growing everyday? Men and women i have come to talk to you. If you aren't ready to be a parent just abstain or use protection in the event you find yourself in the situation.

When you sire kids out of wedlock be courageous enough and provide for them. It doesn't make sense to neglect your blood. And this is a situation happening right in the middle of a marriage set up.

Infidelity has become rampant. My plea is that if you are married and having kids the best way is to just love them unconditionally and ask for God's grace to raise them.

But if you find yourself in the center of a controversy, you can have a discussion with your partner and opt for a DNA test. This way you will clear any doubt that you may be having.

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