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Opinion: Secret Behind Marrying A Kalenjin Woman That Nigerians Might Have Noticed

Kalenjin is a tribe currently occupying the parts of rift valley. It is the third largest community in kenya after Kikuyu and Luo communities which top the list.

Our topic of interest is to verify and elaborate some features of Kalenjin women which might concern you in one way or the other. Some of these great values have been known by Nigerians and that is why you find some Kalenjin women are now getting married to them. It is not surprising to find an Kenya or a Kalenjin himself who have no idea about this values.

As matter of facts Nigerians have shown interest in the Kalenjin women. Emmy Kosgei for example has gotten marrried a Nigerian and June Ruto has been married to a Nigerian too.

The following simple but more crucial features have made Kalenjin women more important and thus worth to be someone's wife.


This is a virtue that is admired by everybody on this world. Having a respectful person, is equivalent to having peace. Respect is the gateway of all other items in a human life. Kalenjin women have been equipped with this vital habit. Marrying her is just but to earn a guaranteed respect from them. Now if respect is among the features you are looking for in a woman, marry this sweet Kalenjin woman.


This value go hand in hand with respect. When one is respectful he or she is most likely to be honest. Kalenjin woman can never lie to you in any circumstances they may find themselves in. This is appreciated by many since nowadays you will hardly find a honest person.


The romance here is a basic factor in Kalenjin women. There mothers have literally teach them the best out of romance. It is so hot to live with a Kalenjin women. You will always miss home when you are away even for a short period of time. This feature has made other ladies being jealous of them.


We all have a desire to be rich and to have a successful life ahead in future. Marrying a Kalenjin woman will shorten the time of realizing your dreams. This is because they are so hardworking and thus they will add more to your income.

So marry them and be sure to follow me and share your views.

Content created and supplied by: Prof.Easting (via Opera News )

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